Wealth Out of Waste

Turning waste into wealth

Wealth Out of Waste

WOW - Wealth out of Waste management initiative comprises of efficient waste management, source segregation of waste and recycling to households, schools and corporate. Transforming wastes into wealth and channelizing new means to create beautiful products from these wastes are the conceptual aspects of this project.

This project also provides several waste management ideas people while simultaneously supports them as well. Making eco-friendly products and selling them online and other physical located outlets is another initiative of this project. All funds and proceeds collected through this project are spent towards making the greener cause even greener.

Our commitment to generating a WOW effect goes deeper than latest technological advancement. It is our enterprising efforts to get everyone know how easy and useful efficient waste management really is and how recycling wastes that comes from our homes, industries, schools, institutes, townships, villages and cities can help save the environment. We help people to understand the difference between waste disposal and waste management and recycling; and the effect of discarding recyclable waste into landfills or unfit methods like burning which pollutes the environment significantly.

Current Cause

Over 500 tonnes of solid waste is generated on a daily basis. The Corporation has a 10 acre compost yard, which is equipped with machineries. It is yet to be upgraded from the aspect of scientific disposal.

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