Green Village Today

Making our villages clean and green

Green Village Today

From the lines of Subramaniya Bharathiyar, national poet of India,
“Our Mother India gifts us with countless number of fruits, yam and grains”.

These are the wealthy resources from our villages and fields. It is every citizen's duty to contribute and actively participate to protect and maintain our villages and fields and sustain our green environment. Clean Village today comprehensively supports every farmer and initiative that enhances their well being and environmental prospects.

Cleaning villages and helping them to implement hygienic solutions is the major initiative of Green Village Today project. Most villages today on account of their deep rooted belief in ancient methods continue to practice their cleanliness regimes and habits based on techniques which are practically ineffective in every respect. They fail to understand that city life and industrial hazards have changed the very dimensions of the village environment and fields.

Hence we take this as our primary responsibility to make our villages aware of these changes and understand the distinct difference in their perception of their surrounding environment and actuality. We make them aware of modern but effective sanitation standards and cleanliness habits without hurting their beliefs.

Identifying the process to create an awareness that will coerce the people in villages to incorporate changes in cleanliness and rectify existing habits is tough but we believe that the human mind is never limited and defined by the infinity in life and probabilities of a better tomorrow.

Current Cause

Over 500 tonnes of solid waste is generated on a daily basis. The Corporation has a 10 acre compost yard, which is equipped with machineries. It is yet to be upgraded from the aspect of scientific disposal.

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