Green Life Today

Our commitment to cleaning life & habitats

Green Life Today

Green Life Today is a proof of our commitment to play an active role in improving the value of life, making the very essence of existence clean and better.

We focus on issues like the survival of species and habitats and effects of climatic changes and increase awareness and educate people about our environment, essentially encompassing initiatives that start from the very core of our being. We believe in the sanctity of life, livelihood and actions that define these.

Green Life Today encourages you to embrace our openness so that together we can endorse Green Life Today, making it more purposeful and provide a meaningful perspective. Not only do we desire to create and instil cleanliness in human lives but we also wish to create an environmentally safe green earth. For this we encourage all to pay attention and obey the nature’s inherent laws and inculcate a genuine respect for living beings.

We can sustain and maintain clean standards of living only we begin to develop a deep seated respect for life. At Green Today we are convinced that all our actions today define our need to create a better quality of life and for this we must be willing to transform ourselves and become the change itself.

Current Cause

Over 500 tonnes of solid waste is generated on a daily basis. The Corporation has a 10 acre compost yard, which is equipped with machineries. It is yet to be upgraded from the aspect of scientific disposal.

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