Green Home Today

Helping people in keeping their home clean and maintain hygiene

Green Home Today

In the words of Mother Teresa “Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do; but how much love we put in that action”. The best action of love is to keep our homes clean and green. The Green Home Today project offers ideas and simple, easy to deploy techniques that help people in keeping their home clean and maintaining hygiene.

The project also supports people in setting up organic home gardens and maintaining them as well. Rain water harvesting and recycling wastes into wealth are the other areas that form an integral part of this venture.

Contributing and participating in improving living in homes is essential. We all are aware of widespread viruses and diseases that have infiltrated their way in some manner through our unclean ways and negligent attitude. It is of paramount importance to understand that only cleanliness and good housekeeping can, if not eliminate these diseases; at least reduce the possibility of exposure and further health damage.

We propagate use of hygienically safe and clean products that effectively will improvise and culminate in ‘Clean Homes Today’.

Current Cause

Over 500 tonnes of solid waste is generated on a daily basis. The Corporation has a 10 acre compost yard, which is equipped with machineries. It is yet to be upgraded from the aspect of scientific disposal.

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