Green City Today

Keeping City Clean and Green

Green City Today

Green City Today is an initiative that makes cities environment friendly and provides the necessary maintenance too. This project supports the greener city revolution and supports all aspects that lead to overall enhancement of the city environment.

The Green City Today offer range of tools to support the initiative which include power saving, rainwater harvesting, waste management and other solutions that aid in making the city green and clean.

We promote and support societal changes that employ means and measures that help make city life clean and green. Our efforts and information sharing is channelized to enhance city health and well-being of residents using better choices in cleanliness and sanitation. Maintaining high level of cleanliness on a continual basis is as imperative as taking care of our health.

We have to as a community that cares about generating a change in the very minds of people about cleanliness widen the thinking perspective. Our methods equivocally contribute in generating value and continuity in terms of sustaining cleaning initiatives.

Current Cause

Over 500 tonnes of solid waste is generated on a daily basis. The Corporation has a 10 acre compost yard, which is equipped with machineries. It is yet to be upgraded from the aspect of scientific disposal.

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