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Green Balls

Go Green. Grow, Green Balls

Green Balls are seed balls (popularly known as seed bomb) that has been wrapped with materials of the soil, seeds, and manure. Green Today’s initiative to sow seed balls as Green Balls is the key project that supports various methods of reforestation. Green Balls are ‘pre-planted’ and can be sown by dropping the green ball anywhere suitable. Green balls are simple and sustainable way to harvest plants. They are also convenient diffusion mechanism for making the future green and make all the species happy to breathe

Our Projects

We can change everything together

Green Life Today

Green Life Today is a proof of our commitment to play an active role in improving the value of life, making the very essence of existence clean and better. We focus on issues like the survival of species.

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Green Home Today

In the words of Mother Teresa "Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do; but how much love we put in that action". The best action of love is to keep our homes clean and green.

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Green Temple Today

History is not about learning the events of the past, it is about learning from the past. Our Indian History is a true revelation of how rich and influential our past has been; how we have shared our wisdom.

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Green Village Today

From the lines of Subramaniya Bharathiyar, national poet of India, “Our Mother India gifts us with countless number of fruits, yam and grains”. These are the wealthy resources from our villages.

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Green City Today

Green City Today is an initiative that makes cities environment friendly and provides the necessary maintenance too. This project supports the greener city revolution and supports all aspects.

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Green Institute Today

Cleanliness plays a vital role in all institutes and maintaining hygiene is equivalently important. Green Institute Today safely and effectively suggests means and measures that keep.

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Wealth Out of Waste

Turning waste into wealth

WOW - Wealth out of Waste management initiative comprises of efficient waste management, source segregation of waste and recycling to households, schools and corporate. Transforming wastes into wealth and channelizing new means to create beautiful products from these wastes are the conceptual aspects of this project. This project also provides several waste management ideas people while simultaneously supports them as well.

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Upcoming Events

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Become a Volunteer

We can Change everything Together

You too can contribute towards betterment of the our environment. We offer various volunteering opportunities where you get to engage with them. These activities give you a platform to improve their lives and bring about a change.

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